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Skull Thursday

So I finally decided to use one of the thousands of reader submitted Thursday Skulls.
So, to all you out there that have submitted, keep you hopes up!

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Jarmy here hails from Northframpton, and he wishes you a big ole "come alive"! 

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Well due to a firestorm of complaints regarding the tardiness of this week's Skull Thurday, this is all you're getting:
I swear, if I hear one more complaint, I will put the blind to your eyes.
I am not made of skulls.
Peace Out.
Much love.
We are, Yours, Etc.,
Eb3mnlt "OK, my bad" Pinch-Crimp, Larry Obeloiden "Whitey Two-Tone" von Genschelar Forney.
Signed this March Eleven, at Twenty Five before the Noon, in the year 2005 anno domini.
Long Island City, New York City Borough of Queens, Queens County, The State of New York in These United States of America.

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This one is a Cro-Lesbian from the Late Piezozioc Era. This era happened billion longer ago in history than the present day. Before Applebee's, before ice cream. All they had was guitars, guitars and fire, they were forces to survive on tar and cacti. The Cro-Lesbian were also forced to endure fierce competition for resources from the Holmgreen's. This competition was not to subside until the co-invention of the Refridgerator and the Franchise.

"One for each, each for one."
-Earlron "Crobar Snakes" Crabcrafter Jr. Miss, Gladmiral of the Cro-Lesbian Navy and Vanguard of Attleboro's Balfour Champions.

NOTE: Click on the picture for an Image of Christo's Beautiful "Gates" Project, surrounded by Snow-Fall in New York City.

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So Busy These Days!
This guy is a diligent tax-payer, neither flustered nor indignant when the forms pile up. A true stalwart of the old school of personal finance. He supports many charities, though each donation is small. He loves chicken cutlet on a hogie with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and russian dressing.
Also: He loves cocaine! He really loves a perfectly timed bump. You see, every friday night is "family night", wherein the family goes to Chili's and enjoys a nice meal together. Even the soon-to-be surly teen son looks forward to it, since dad is so fun. Dad knows friday nights as "babyback and blow".

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The frontispiece of a "Manhattan Diary 2005".
Looks like a lovely young woman to me, after her skin falls off. The kind of lovely young woman who cares far more for falling asleep than she cares for

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A celebration:
I bet this one was drawn by some scruffy intern that decorates his room with old skate board decks, has strong opinions about Air Jordans, and has actually said "bros before hoes" once or twice and meant it. What a loser.


What the Dickens? This One Appears to be a Celestianaught! Who wrote this?!?
Because in Space, "No one can hear your skin."

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Here is Your Skull, since it is Thurfday, now Laugh It Up.

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This one appears to be watching the stars. He also appears to belong to the Pro-Magnum or Neo-Anglican family of Pre-Europeans. Perhaps he is waiting for a sign of the stalacmite that he has been praying for. The burning stalacmite will fall from the sky and bring destruction upon all the dinosaurs that are eating his maize.

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This one seems to retain a bit of flesh about him. Also some of the residual spite and malice of life seems to be clinging to his bones! Happy Skull Thursday!